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About Us

It all started about 12 years ago. Our family had always been close and enjoyed yearly vacations at our cabin a couple of hours drive from our home. But, as the kids got older, married and had their own kids, we felt we needed a place to relax, kick back and enjoy our “over 50” years. We settled on a nice one bedroom condo in a climate averaging 85 degrees, 365 days a year. The condo was beautiful, however, it only slept 2 people and we needed it to sleep 4 if we were to share it with our family.

Enter the Murphy Bed idea.

Through business we had met an acquaintance who sold the hardware for Murphy Beds and would be willing to design a bed for us. We had him install a queen size Murphy Bed with a TV cabinet in the living area of our new condo. The Murphy Bed tucked away during the day and comfortably slept 2 additional people at night. The perfect solution. At the time, our exact words were, “Why doesn’t everybody have one of these?”

A few years later, the business came up for sale and we, as a family, decided that the Murphy Bed Hardware industry was something we wanted to tackle. We soon found that even though our family was new to the market, the hardware wasn’t. The original business was established in 1975 and it seems that there are a substantial amount of people out there who feel the same way we do; multipurposing your space simply makes sense!

Thus, the start of a wonderful partnership between our family and customers! Thank-you for visiting our website. Please contact us at 1-855-925-5233 with any questions or email us at if you wish to share your Murphy Bed story! We look forward to hearing from you.

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